Public opinion surveys can be a lot of things – a snapshot in time, a roadmap telling you where to go, a glimpse into the unknown, reassurance that you are headed in the right direction, or a wake up call when you’re not.  Accurate and unbiased survey data is one of the most important tools in your toolbox.

HighGround, Inc. has more than a decade of experience and has become the statewide leader in determining and measuring statewide, regional, and local behavior.  In fact, Paul Bentz has been recognized as "Best Pollster" by the Arizona Capitol Times.

Building from our experience working with the late Margaret Kenski of Arizona Opinion and other public opinion firms, HighGround has used its skills and knowledge of the Arizona electorate to build our own public opinion polling practice from the ground up. 

Our team is committed to unbiased research – telling our clients the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We test both positive and negative messages because we believe that clients deserve the impartial truth.

We are able to conduct accurate and affordable survey research with quicker turn around times and a better understanding of the people of Arizona including those who choose to participate in elections.  HighGround’s data capabilities are unparalleled in their depth and samples are based on reliable voter data and historic voting trends.

HighGround has performed surveys for clients on a wide variety of candidate campaigns as well as statewide and local issues including Medicaid Restoration, school funding, transportation, local ballot initiatives, and others.

Our team specializes in strategic messaging surveys that to gather a broad spectrum of public opinion including perception of the client, awareness of their challenges, public priorities, views on broad and specific issues, vulnerabilities, and argumentation.

Our surveys are conducted by professional live interviewers calling individuals based on the pre-determined quotas. We conduct our surveys on landlines and cell phones – direct dialing mobile phones individually as required by law.  Our team can perform survey research in both English and Spanish as necessary.