There’s a reason we have “Make It Happen” on the mantle in our conference room. It’s the way we do things. HighGround’s successful strategic approach to everything we do is rooted in the fact that we provide the complete public affairs package. We’ll give you the strategy, management, and the necessary tools to implement solutions.

Public Relations

The HighGround team has more than fifty years of national and local media and public relations experience. Our team can launch full public relations efforts from the ground up or bring additional strategic thinking to current public relations efforts and help expand them to appeal to key audiences. Our team has extensive public relations experience in working for the U.S. Department of Transportation, Governors, Congressmen, Departments of State Government, cities, towns, winning candidates, corporations and many other organizations. Our team is experienced in serving public and private sector clients through time at other Arizona public relations firms as well.

Crisis Communications

One of our greatest areas of expertise is crisis communications. Our team is experienced at leading executives through the media crisis process and effective at negotiating the rules of engagement with unfriendly reporters. We’re also experienced in navigating media situations to prevent them from turning into a full blown crisis.

Strategic Messaging and Timeline

Having a strategic messaging platform and a timeline are the two most critical components to any public relations effort. Every day is dedicated to staying on message. We have the experience and expertise to make sure that you are talking about what you want to talk about instead of reacting to the media and any opponents. Too often, public relations efforts are drawn off course by engaging in discussions that aren’t geared toward reaching your goals. Staying the course is a skill that we have developed over time, and it is something we can share with you.

Digital Capabilities 

HighGround’s digital expertise is derived from impact data that demonstrate how, and by how many people, our digital messages are received. Our digital components are created in house, giving us the ability to rapidly respond to the ever-changing digital landscapes. Our internal team can build websites, develop and deploy email strategies and design innovative social media content to advance integral digital branding. Our approach to the online landscape correlates with all other moving parts of our campaign strategy. We align subject matter to reflect the overall goals of each campaign and generate content that compliments other campaign material such as direct mail pieces and print advertisements.