by HighGround | February 1, 2019

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By:  Barrett Coughlin

Until 1993, women couldn’t even wear pants on the Senate Floor. Now here we are in 2019 questioning Arizona’s first female Senator elect’s thigh-highs.

 After roughly four years in the New York fashion industry, I chose a more lighthearted career path and landed in politics. As we approach another fashion month it felt appropriate to address this dumpster fire we’re deeming fashion.

Recently women have accumulated some big wins, enter “Year of the Woman.” In 2018 we saw a historic number of women serve in Congress, we saw more women becoming CEOs and world leaders. One loss, though, was the weather confused ensemble chosen, by what I can only assume was a blind staff member, for Kyrsten Sinema's recent Senate appearance. 

 Disclaimer: this is NOT a gender thing. If a male showed up in this getup, I'd have some different criticisms but, nonetheless, criticisms. This is, however, an attempt to provide clarification, that this is not an inappropriate or risqué outfit, but it is, in fact, a bad outfit.  

For some of us, jarring flashbacks hastily took hold of us, causing us to relive the horrifying circa 2000 skirt and Uggs combo. Let’s be honest, we’ve all made some questionable fashion choices in the past. To help us and our loved ones avoid more poor choices I’ve outlined some lessons to be learned.

  • If you’re going to insult someone, be accurate: The Pretty Woman claims are inaccurate, the iconic boots from the film were patent leather. Have you ever seen a stripper wear suede boots with shearling trim paired with a cap sleeve dress?  

  • Be a good friend: This is a classic "Who let her out of the house?" moment, leaving us to question doesn't she have any honest friends... or paid staffers?

  • The only thing you should be mixing is a cocktail: Don’t mix seasonal garb.  There’s no need for your feet to be prepared for a Polar Vortex and your top half ready for the Phoenix Open.

Let us remember that it is 2019, and women can wear whatever they want. That being said, this is not about the boots- but rather the poorly assembled outfit in its entirety.

Let’s all try a bit harder, help our friends make better choices and when necessary be an honest critic.

It should be noted that as I write this, I am wearing a marabou coat and a Grateful Dead t-shirt, and at the end of the day I commend her for stepping outside the box, boots and all.



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