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PHOENIX (November 7, 2017) — A statewide Arizona survey of 500 likely Arizona 2018 General Election voters shows that just under a year out from Election Day, Democrat Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-9) has extended her lead over GOP candidate Dr. Kelli Ward to a 7-point margin, 34-27. The survey, which was conducted immediately after U.S. Senator Jeff Flake announced he would not seek re-election, indicates both candidates have lots of work to do in both defining themselves and their opponent over the coming months.

 Q.        If the General Election for United States Senate were held today, would you vote for [Rotate] Kelli Ward or Kyrsten Sinema?

 34.4%  Kyrsten Sinema

26.8%  Kelli Ward

38.8%  Don't know, Refused

In an August poll of 400 likely voters, HighGround tested a hypothetical match-up between the same two candidates with a much closer margin of 30.5% for Ward vs. 31.8% for Sinema. Despite Ward receiving an endorsement from former White House advisor Steve Bannon in the time since the August poll was conducted and Senator Flake withdrawing, Ward has not seen a bump and in fact, has lost ground.  In both surveys, the plurality of voters had not made their mind up in favor of either candidate. 

“Even with Senator Flake announcing his retirement and the whirlwind of media attention around Steve Bannon’s endorsement and visit, Kelli Ward has not seen any improvement in her support,” said Chuck Coughlin, President & CEO of HighGround Public Affairs, which conducted the poll. “The numbers continue to show that Ward is a flawed General Election candidate, and her nomination would likely result in a loss of the seat for Republicans.  With the apparent ceiling of support for Ward, there is clearly room for a different Republican candidate to emerge as a credible challenger with a path to victory, such as Congresswoman Martha McSally or Great Hearts founder Jay Heiler.” 

The latest survey data also showed that Congresswoman Sinema is still not known by 37% of the electorate in Arizona, whereas Ward is not known by more than 40% of the electorate despite challenging Senator John McCain in 2016.

Coughlin continued, “While many have proclaimed Congresswoman Sinema to be a strong candidate, Arizonans are still unsure of her after a haphazard announcement of her Senate candidacy, with no subsequent statewide tour or messaging to support her campaign. We have yet to see the popularity she enjoys within the left leaning Congressional District 9 translate to rural areas such as Yuma and Yavapai counties – home to some of the larger cities outside Maricopa County, where she needs to be competitive.”

General Election turnout in off-Presidential Cycle races in Arizona shows that Republicans historically have a twelve-point turnout advantage, which steepens the climb for any Democratic contender. Today, not a single Democrat holds statewide office in Arizona. 

“Quite frankly, Senator Flake stepping out completely opens up the race for a primary challenger to Ward and a more credible Republican to face off against Sinema in November.  Ward no longer has a candidate to beat up on, and Sinema can no longer count on a facing a damaged and resource-depleted Republican in November. There is a great deal of uncertainty in the electorate and I think this data shows that we are in for a wild ride,” concluded Coughlin. 

The audience tested in the statewide live caller survey was set to reflect the 2018 General Election in Arizona.  The General Election sample of 500 high efficacy general election voters has a margin of error of ±4.36%.


About the Survey

The poll surveyed 500 likely Arizona 2018 general election voters who have a history of electoral participation and was balanced to model the likely turnout of voters across party, age, region, and gender.  The live interview survey of voters was conducted by HighGround Public Affairs to both landline and cell phone users.  Anticipated turnout for the Arizona 2018 General Election has a partisan gap of Republican +12%.  

The survey was conducted on October 23-26, 2017 and the margin of error of the survey is ±4.36% with 95% confidence.  The HighGround team has built a reputation of reliable and accurate polling over the past ten years – our research has been featured on Nate Silver’s 538, Real Clear Politics, Huffington Post, and many other publications. Last year, HighGround “nailed” the Prop 123 election results within 0.2% of the outcome prior to the May 2016 Special election. Visit our website to learn more about HighGround’s polling experience.


Survey Demographics


Age Group:          

10.0%    20 to 29

15.0%    30 to 39

20.0%    40 to 49

30.0%    50 to 64

25.0%    65 Plus


Sex:         48.0%    Male      

                  52.0%    Female


Party:    44.0%    Republican                           

                  32.0%    Democrat                              

                  15.0%    PND

                  9.0%       Independent/Other         


Congressional District

                  11.0%    CD1

                  14.0%    CD2

                  7.0%       CD3

                  11.0%    CD4

                  12.0%    CD5

                  14.0%    CD6

                  6.0%       CD7

                  13.0%    CD8

                  12.0%    CD9


PEVL:      79.6%    Yes

                  20.4%    No


* Percentages may not total 100 due to rounding




Sinema is a far more credible and honest candidate than chemtrails Kelli Ward. It's about time the great state of Arizona showed it's honesty and openness to a broader selection of the populace.

Edward Tomchin - November 9, 2017

Kyrsten Sinema is a dimwit/moron and will not be allowed to vote outside the block of 48 (49 in Jan/Feb) Dem + Ind or will have funding withdrawn for campaigns-Schumer/Durbin operate that way-no dissension allowed

jonathan manson - December 13, 2017

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