by J. Charles 'Chuck' Coughlin | January 11, 2019

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At HighGround, we often find clarity and solace in these difficult times within the columns written by David Brooks from the New York Times.  In this latest piece, “The Remoralization of the Market,” he extolls the virtues of capitalism, but also discusses how we need to refocus the role it plays in a moral and social context.  He concludes:

"[C]apitalism needs to be embedded in moral norms and it needs to serve a larger social good.  Remoralizing and resocializing the market is the great project of the moment.  The crucial question is not: How can we have a good economy? It’s: How can we have a good society? How can we have a society in which it’s easier to be a good person?”

Brooks most recent column should cause us all to reconsider our priorities as we begin a New Year with a Federal Government shutdown. 

Click here to read his latest column.



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