by J. Charles 'Chuck' Coughlin | May 4, 2017

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The author Jon Meacham wrote in the “Art of Power”, his biography on Thomas Jefferson, that “he (Jefferson) knew, though, that life was best lived among friends in the pursuit of large causes, understanding that pain was the price for anything worth having.”

This week Arizona lost a friend – a pursuer of just causes, with the passing of Kay McKay. Kay and her late husband David were committed members of a community of Arizonans who loved our State, gave generously of their time and never wavered in their spirit of optimism, hope, and love.  Both were committed to giving everyone, regardless of their circumstances, an equal chance at success in life. Arizona lost a hero in Kay, but gained an icon.  Everyone owes the McKays a debt of gratitude for a life well lived in the service of others.

On our own front this week, Jennifer Liewer, who began working with HighGround as a full-time team member late last year, has chosen to pursue a just cause with the Tempe Union High School District as their Director of Community Relations.  Jennifer will serve as a member of the District’s Executive Team providing support to the students and teachers that make up the seven district High Schools.  It is, without a doubt, a just cause to help support public education in Arizona.  She leaves HighGround with our enthusiastic support and best wishes for success in these challenging times for public education in Arizona.

She, like Kay and David, will make wherever she goes a better place.  While Kay and David have left the mortal bounds of this earth, we know we can look at their lives as an inspiration for our own.

For Jennifer, her friends at HighGround will miss her, but know she will be right around the corner and certainly ready to man the barricades when duty calls in the pursuit of just causes.

Everyone at HighGround would agree with Meacham that life is best lived among friends in the pursuit of large causes. We will miss the McKays, but continue to be inspired by them in the pursuit of large causes with friends.



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