by HighGround | February 22, 2017

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Arizona firm recognized for Best Virtual Reality Ad and Best Newspaper Ad
by Campaigns and Elections at 2017 Reed Awards Conference

PHOENIX—HighGround Public Affairs, the longest continually operating running public affairs firm in Arizona, was recognized at the 2017 Campaigns & Elections Reed Awards Conference for Best Newspaper Ad and Best Virtual Reality Ad in the 2016 election cycle. This marks the 7th straight year in which HighGround has received a Reed Award and the 3rd straight year in which HighGround has won awards for multiple categories.

“We are honored to receive recognition for our work in the 2016 election cycle, which is a tribute to the outstanding clients we work with every day and the talented team of professionals we have at HighGround,” said Chuck Coughlin, president and CEO of HighGround. “It was a privilege to be honored by Campaigns and Elections, a well-respected institution that has proven it is on the cutting edge of politics by creating innovative categories such as the latest ones for virtual reality and digital ads.”

To produce their award-winning Virtual Reality ad, HighGround partnered with Art Haynie of Big Monkey Films to produce an eye-opening virtual reality experience that took viewers to the top of Sunrise Mountain in Peoria in support of Proposition 400. The ad was the first political virtual reality ad produced in Arizona.

"I think virtual reality is a game changer for politics,” said Art Haynie. “Issue-based campaigns and politicians alike are based on helping people and communities - things like building roads or hospitals, fixing existing problems.  Now through VR technology and the right story-telling, you can magically transport voters to the locations and show them the problems, solutions and dreams.  It can have a big impact on the voter."

Haynie concluded, "It takes some courage to be the first at anything, and I give HighGround a lot of credit for taking the leap of faith. They had the foresight to see the impact it could make before anyone else, and it's a real validation for HighGround and VR that the Reed Awards recognized that."

The Reed Awards, which are named after famed political researcher and former Campaigns & Elections magazine founder Stanley Foster Reed, are the annual celebration of the most innovative and appealing work produced by political consultants from around the world.  Click here to see all the winners.



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