by HighGround | April 6, 2017

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Over the past month, health care in America has taken over as the most-discussed public policy issue facing Congress. With House Republicans looking to pass the American Health Care Act after years of promising voters a full Obamacare repeal, many representatives and senators are feeling the heat from constituents who have gained coverage through Obamacare.

Last Sunday, HighGround President and CEO Chuck Coughlin joined Mike O’Neil of the Think Tank show on KTAR to discuss how the efforts of House Republicans would affect health care for Arizonans, as well as how are current system of health care is failing us and what we can do to improve outcomes for patients in our nation and Arizona.

Coughlin and O’Neil were also joined by Francine Hardaway, a health care industry expert based here in Arizona.

You can listen to the entire discussion here.



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