by HighGround | November 9, 2017

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The HighGround team tallied a perfect score on Election Day with all of our 2017 campaign clients scoring victories in the November.  In all, Paul Bentz, Drew Sexton, and Shelbe Hunsaker helped guide six critical public safety and education issues in three different communities to victory.

Winners supported by HighGround include:

Surprise Question 1 – 53.1% Yes
Surprise Question 2 – 52.9% Yes
Surprise Question 3 – 52.6% Yes
Agua Fria Union High School Override – 52.1% Yes
Litchfield Elementary School Override – 51.9% Yes
Buckeye Valley Fire Bond – 60.8% Yes


Each campaign faced significant challenges including low voter turnout, awareness, off-cycle demographic trends, and previously unsuccessful attempts impacting the environment.   In the end, HighGround was able to work with passionate and committed community members to develop successful strategies and effectively deploy campaign elements.  We were honored to work with Citizens for a Better Surprise, Continue the Quality, and United West Valley Firefighters to help these campaigns cross the finish line.

About HighGround Campaigns

When it comes to winning campaigns, HighGround has an unmatched record of success.  The team consistently creates informative and original public campaign efforts that are able to break through the immense clutter of business/political communication rhetoric.  HighGround’s award winning methods and strategies have been proven through some of the most heated and competitive statewide and local elections.




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