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  • I don’t want to trivialize one person’s suffering, but the United Airlines passenger incident last week reminded me a little of how I felt in the 2016 elections last summer and fall. Instead of being dragged off the plane against my will after I paid for a service, I was dragged onto a ballot I had paid for with choices I didn’t like.

    Less than 30% of registered voters...Read More

  • Remembering Lincoln

    April 14th, 2017

    As we conclude Passover and begin the celebration of Easter, it is appropriate to recall that on this date, April 14th, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated 152 years ago.  His death happened a mere six days after General Lee surrendered his army at the  Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia to General Grant – bringing the American Civil War to an end.

    Over 625,000 Americans per...Read More

  • My wife Patricia and I just returned from a trip to Kyoto, Japan, the ancient Imperial capital.  Patricia lived and worked in Osaka for six years in the 80’s and early 90’s for a modeling agency, so it was ...Read More

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